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„Wer diese Ausstellung versäumt hat, hat in der Tat etwas verpasst. Ganz klar ein Highlight des bisherigen Kunstjahres.“

Andreas Kramer | Founder of Art at Berlin

„Sven is an expert in immersion. His talent is to take you on journeys to fantastic worlds that will make you forget about your primary reality for some hours.“

Philipp Vogt | Founder of Witness-this

“The visitor is invited to explore multi dimensional pieces of art that had us go `wow!`”

Frank Schröder | Founder of I HEART BERLIN

„A must-see exhibition that speak to the intersectionality of art“


„This intriuing art installation lurred the lines for us visitors on which side we are standing.“

Felix Haas | Founder of GLARIFY Artmagazin

“Maybe that’s a lie itself, maybe it’s what I wanted to understand, and you were thinking something entirely different. Labyrinth of Lies was a great
exhibition… „

Art critics Christian Hain | World of Arts Magazine

„Kami stands on the threshold between what’s to come and what could be — a darkly powerful, politically conscious work that neatly summarizes how we got here and where we’re going, managing to be both a promise and a threat.“

Susie Kahlich | Art Critics and founder of Artipoeus

„… ein Schauplatz eines perfekt inszenierten Kunst-Happenings.“

Deeds Kunst Magazin | Ausstellungs-Highlights in Berlin